Caribbean Congress

2017 Caribbean Congress

At this years’s Caribbean Congress many excellent speakers presented topics that affect you and emergency medicine. Please click on any of the below topics to see the presentations.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding-Obese Patients
Dra. Keimari Mendez, MD, MSC

Arbovirus Du Jour: Dengue, Zika, Chikun…What?-ED Treatment Strategies
Dra. Nannette Lugo-Amador

Pediatric and Adolescent Immunizations
Dr. Sanet Torres

UTD: What does it mean…and what it doesn’t!
Dra. Carmen Izquierdo

Perinatal Arbovirus Infections
Dra. Ines Esquilin

US Guided Nerve Blocks in the ED
Dr. Manuel Colon Garcia de la Noceda

2017 Sepsis Guidelines Update
Dra. Gloria Rodriguez-Vega

Intubation 2017: Beyond RSI

Dr. Gerald Marin

PEDS EM Follies: What I learned in Fellowship
Dr. Eddie Rodriguez Aquino

Resuscitation of Bleeding Emergencies
Dra. Maria Uzcategui

All in the Tubing: Do’s and Don’ts in Urologic Emergencies

Dr. Hector Lopez Huertas

Image Related Radiation Exposure in our Pediatric Population
Dr. Jorge Zequeira

Recreational Drugs: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies

Dra. Joakyna De Santiago

New Strategies in the Treatment of Shock
Dr. Edwin Garcia

ACS 2017: Anticoagulants
Dra. Wanda L. Rivera Bou

Sports Medicine: Why EM-Trained Physicians Do it Better
Dr. William Felix

Case Studies in Bioethics

Dr. Rafael E. Bredy-Dominguez

Fever in Infants: Pediatric Dilemmas in Antibiotheraphy
Dra. Jahzel M. Gonzales Pagan

TIA/Stroke: Time is Brain
Dr. Cesar I. Andino Colon


2016 Caribbean Congress

Read about how Evoluciona la medicina de emergencia en Puerto Rico by clicking here.

Updates in EMS: Backboards
Roberto C. Portela, MD, FACEP

New Techniques in ED Pain Management: Looking Beyond Opioids
Miguel Agrait González, MD

ACLS Guidelines 2015
Wanda Rivera Bou Md, FAAEM, FACEP

Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury
Mara Uzcategui, MD

The High Tech Patient in the Low Tech ED
Mara Uzcategui, MD

Service Excellence in the Emergency Department
Edwin J. Garcia La Torre, MD, FACEP

PALS and PEARS: 2015 Instructor Update
Milagros Martin de Pumarejo, MD, FACEP