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Senate Bill 1134

In February 2023, Senate Bill 1134 was introduced for evaluation in the Senate's Health Commission. This bill would grant local specialty certification recognition to non-emergency medicine trained physician based solely on demonstrating work experience in the emergency department setting for 10 years. Immediately our Chapter acted against its proposal and reached out to national organizations with vested interest in this matter. We were able to obtain written public support to our opposition from national ACEP, AAEM, CORD, ABMS and NAEMSP. Locally we were essential in forming a working coalition of 38 medical specialties and subspecialties against this Bill, as well as gaining the support of the Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Puerto Rico.

In April, the Fideicomiso de Accion Estatal (FAE) was created and with the support of most of our membership a lobbyist was hired to coordinate our legislative response and follow up with legislators affirming our opposition. Eventually on Aprill 11, Bill 1134 was withdrawn by its authors from consideration. This legislative victory is just a sample of what our Chapter can achieve with proactive, grassroots efforts in seeking the recognition our specialty deserves and looking out for the best emergency medicine health care our patients deserve.

Since the withdrawal of Bill 1134 our Chapter has been following up on pertinent legislative efforts that could affect our specialty. Chapter leadership has continued meeting with government officials and legislators making them aware that the Puerto Rico Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians is vigilant and looking after the best interests of our specialty, patients, and health system. These efforts were highlighted at national ACEP's website in the article: State Advocacy Win: Closing the Road to Alternative Certification in Puerto Rico. Our Chapter must be prepared to take action and we highly encourage all members to make their contributions to the Fideicomiso de Accion Estatal (FAE). See how to contribute below.

Contribuya al Fideicomiso de Accion Estatal

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